Dog Star Walkers West Seattle

We love your dog - Sirius-ly!


15 minute "out" <perfect for puppies and elder care> = $13.00  

30 minute walk = $18.00

60 minute walk = $32.00

* Rates apply to one dog - add $3.00 for each additional dog up to three

* Rates apply to any time and any day of the week 

* At Dog Star we think everyone deserves a holiday and close the following holidays: 

* Easter

* 4th of July 

* Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

* Thanksgiving

* New Years Day

What we do...

Service includes:

A brisk walk with the same walker daily, individual attention, plenty of fresh air, fun and play.

Structure and training reinforced - we will follow your training routine (positive only please!).

Fresh water and treats as allowed.

Feeding and /or Meds if required. 

A detailed daily note.