Dog Star Walkers West Seattle

We love your dog - Sirius-ly!

Let us explain...

First and foremost we absolutely care about your dog and we want what you want - a happy healthy dog thats full of life and brimming with confidence. 

Our services are tailored to understand YOUR dogs needs. We chose to center our business around the health and well being of our four legged clients. That is why we provide the same walker everyday and we would never "pack walk" our dogs. We make every outing a positive, fun, caring experience.

Dog Star is affordable, not by accident, but by purpose. We want the decision to provide your dog or cat with a service that benefits their quality of life to be an accessible choice.  

We NEVER make you pre-pay. All payments are made after the dates of service. 

NO cancellation fee -  no worries if plans change. As long as you give us notice the night before a scheduled service by 10pm, you will not be charged for the walk and there will be NO penalty. 

Dog Star is bonded and fully insured.