Dog Star Walkers West Seattle

We love your dog - Sirius-ly!



Dog Star Walkers was started from a simple idea; to provide exceptional, personalized, affordable services for dogs and the people who love them. We build strong bonds with our canine clients, while providing support and clear communication for our human clients.  Our number one concern is that you come home to a very happy, tail waggin, face lickin, healthy balanced dog. We love your dog. Seriously. 


Dog Star Walkers provides one on one personal care for your dog.  The same walker everyday insures we can get down to the business of having fun straight away. No anxiety = a great walk, it's that simple. Because it's more than just a break in the day, is it not? It's about taking care of your dogs unique needs and providing them with the best possible part of their day, that is, until you come home! 


Cats are people too, nah, they know better than that! The same love and attention that we shower on our canine cruisers we provide for our finicky cat clan. Cats like to have it their way and we are just fine with that. So whether you have a "please scratch a little lower please" or a "touch me and you will lose an eye" kind of kitty, they will get the attention (or space) that they need. Plus a sparkling clean litter box, fresh food, water, and a note for you.

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