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This is Samson.  My first love in adult life.  He was a shepherd mix who taught me a great deal about unconditional love, joy and the beauty of life.  He also showed me the importance of being consistent and how to create an environment that could foster growth with confidence to help overcome fear and separation anxiety. He was my teacher more than I was his.

In 2015 I decided to leave my career in retail operations management and pursue my first love.  I began walking with Dogstar at that time and fell in love with the opportunity to spend regular time with the same dogs where I could once again have a positive effect on the lives of ones who give us so much.  I considered that combined with the trust given to us by their people a tremendous gift. 

My name is Kari and I have lived in West Seattle for almost 20 years.  I love it here and still let my mouth drop whenever I see the water.  I currently share my home with my two loves, Jaxon and Lilly.  Each have continued to teach me more about being a good listener and meeting each pup where they are and then coming along side to help them become confident and secure.

Our philosophy and goal is to match each dog with the right and consistent walker to help them either work out that energy or to help them overcome fears.  Communication is key and we send detailed messages after every visit to help you understand how the visit went and share any highlights or concerns.  I am often meeting with clients and helping to ensure we are giving the pups the best experience and adjusting or changing when needed so at the end of the day each pup is getting the absolute best care.

Sam & Lou

The black and white beauties that are splashed all over this website are Sammi Davis Jr. Jr. and Cool Hand Luke. 

Sam was adopted from Paws Chicago in March of 2008 and Luke followed in 2010. Both are mixed up Huskies and awesome dogs. These are the loves of Kristin.  The pioneer of Dogstar Walkers here in Seattle and my mentor/friend.

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